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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is an assurance that our site truly cares about our end users. It is simple yet concise outline of all the rules and responsibilities of both the site and the end users. It is also our way to protect our user’s important information from public sharing. This is also the proper venue to set proper expectations on the things that can be seen or and areas that are not available in our site. We ensure that we have quality tools and personnel that handle all the information in the safest manner that we can.


This also serves as legal binder between our visitors and the site. It is right and just that both parties agree in the agreement mutually. Privacy policy is also a way to encourage all users to act accordingly in the site for smooth navigation and easy access towards the site. Any unlikely behaviour well be dealt seriously.


Privacy of Information


We always emphasize that privacy is our best priority. We value all the information that we gathered as if they are our own. We also use encrypting tools that will surely seal the information from somebody else. All the information is only processed by highly authorized person in our site and shall only be utilized for very important function. Another is that all information is never shared to anyone else especially online.


Users Choice


Our site ensures that all the information that we received are obtained through optional means. We never asked for compulsory forms or sign up information from our users. In case we gathered any data specially personal information we make sure that we handle it properly and with utmost care and privacy. All the users are freely given the choice to provide any information to us just in case we need to reach them purposely.


Use of Information


Any information that we gathered from our users are securely kept and handled by right person in our site. We never use any information publicly. In case we need to send updates, feedback and response to all your queries and technical concerns we see to it that we use the best encrypting tools when sending files through email. If we send information on your physical address we see to it that it is only due to the person concern.


Gathered Information


The basic information that we usually requests voluntarily from our users are their complete name, age, date of birth, contact information like business address, home address, permanent address, mobile numbers, home phone, company phone, email address and zip codes. We need this basic information to accurately send important reminders, updates, response and other technical answers to our users. This collected information is never shared to anyone even in our site and only handled by person in authority. We strongly guarantee that we never share any information publicly in any means and form.


Disclosure Agreement


Our privacy policy set concise policies and rules before our user can fully navigate our site. Continue to utilize all our site features concludes that our visitors confirmed and agreed with the set of reminders set in our site.