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MPC versus KMPlayer

👤 🕔 August 4, 2014 0

Unending software improvements and updates is a must to keep a software as one of the top most pick software’s right now. An updated media player therefore is a commendable software if you’re looking for a media player for your audio and video needs. Right now, there are high end media players out there such as Media Player Classic and Adobe Flash. Unknown to some though, there are few media players that may not be popular but are active and comes with overflowing features like no other media players have.

Media Player Classic is undeniable a robust player, it was intended for Microsoft users. There’s also one software that was intended for Windows users, this software is not quite popular but have been garnering high ratings to almost all use users, this is the KMPlayer. KMPlayer is lightweight software which is capable of reading and playing a lot of file formats despite its software size. Formats such as ASF, AVS, MKV, AVI and more can easily be opened and played.

KMPlayer is described to be having a minimalist user interface; it works perfectly fine especially when performing a playback function. Its user interface is exceptionally user friendly and above all, it is skinnable! So in terms of its looks, KMPlayer is a must have. In terms of its functions and features, this is a software you shouldn’t miss and in terms of manoeuvrability, this is one of a kind. So can MPC outdo KMPlayer? Indeed yes! Although both may come with almost the same functions, Media Player Classic has its own set of features making it robust and stands out. MPC has options such as removal of tearing and other dozens of bug fixes to make it more useful. It comes in 31 languages in a very small size.

Languages such as Chinese, Turkish, Spanish, Dutch, English, Armenian, French, Korean, Portuguese, Polish and many more are available. So if you weigh things out, you know that Media Player Classic is a great software perfect for use around the world. Just like KMPlayer, this too is a lightweight media player. Both come for free so downloading one of this software’s will cost you nothing at all. Overall, KMPlayer is highly customizable, it has light resources and definitely supports a lot of video formats as well as audio ones. Media Player Classic on the other hand is also light and simple, can be customized and comes with a familiar feeling. So download both now and enjoy the perks of these software’s. You don’t really have to settle for only one software when you can in fact download both.

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