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Media Player Classic vs. Adobe Flash Player

👤 🕔 July 14, 2014 0

Among the many media players existing today, there are 2 that come with professional feel yet simple user interface. These 2 are the Media Player Classic and the Adobe Flash Player. Some claimed these 2 are incomparable, however when it comes to impressive features, these 2 are vying for the top place. Media Player Classic is one of the most downloaded media players online and same goes for Adobe Flash Player, so let’s compare the two and find out if they’re both worth downloading or not.

Adobe Flash Player is famous for its ability to execute Rich Internet Apps or RIA. What is even better is it supports 3D graphics which is what most users are looking for right now. Aside from 3D graphics, it also supports both the vector and raster graphics. Weighing these out will surely put Adobe Flash Player as the top most pick media players of all. Download Adobe Flash Player as it supports a lot of data formats as well as multimedia formats. XMl, AMF, SWF and even JSON formats are well supported just like multimedia formats such as FLV, MP3, PNG, JPEG and GIF. These are some of the most common formats used nowadays and it’s nice to know that Adobe Flash Player supports these formats. What even better is the flexibility Adobe Flash Player has to offer all its users. It doesn’t matter whether it is a desktop platform or a mobile platform, this media player will surely work.

It is also available in different Operating Systems such as the Android, Apple iOS, Wii, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris and more. These features might already sound tempting to download, but there’s more to Adobe Flash Player and this is why it is critically considered as one of the greatest. But what about Media Player Classic? This media player appears to be simple but it will blow you away. This is why it comes with a lot of downloads per week! Media Player Classic can perform playback of DVD, VCD and even SVCD formats. What others love about Media Player Classic is it features the so called DirectShow. With DirectShow feature, Media Player Classic is now capable of dissecting or dividing a played back video into steps and one by one sequence! Imagine the power it can give you!

Media Player Classic is also free to download and is available in 11 languages. Although availability of languages is few, it does not mean it is less powerful as compared to Adobe Flash Player. If you based it on features, both have great features to offer. However, users must download and install the media player that can really serve its purpose. So depending on what the user would like to do and use it for, regardless of its impressive features, practicality must be exercised. Therefore, if you need a media player that is user friendly, less complicated, powerful, and compact for viewing and leisure purposes, the use of Media Player Classic is highly recommended. But, if you plan in having a media player that can perform complicated tasks for certain projects, you might want to check Adobe Flash Player first.

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