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Install & Un-Install

Manufactures and distributors always have their simplest way to provide guides and steps for installation of software. Most of the time, it is outlined in a short description and labelled legibly. As a whole, installation of software is not a complicated task to do. It usually ranges from little to few steps. It also has basic and minimal system requirements that are easy to achieve before the actual process.


For instance, you need to know if the software is compatible to the Operating System of your computer. Another is that the remaining free space on your hard drive should accommodate the file size of the software. Also you need to check if another software or program is needed to be paired with your software to provide complete performance. Furthermore, it is best that you have consistent Internet connection in case you need access online.


Hints for Installation


Carefully read the user’s manual for efficient installation. Attentively follow the steps and guides to make sure that the installation process goes smoothly. You need also to make sure that there is no active program running before installing any software to avoid any errors and difficulty during installation process. Make sure to be specific with the location of the software for easy access ready for proper execution of file. Another is that you should properly save all your important files because the system might ask you to reboot your computer after you install the software.


Installation process may vary a little depending on the Operating System but they are all totally easy and simple that even first time user can match the phase of experts.




  • First the Start button once to look for “My Computer” or if you have the shortcut command on your screen simply hit “My computer” two times.
  • Next check the right folder of your preference.
  • Double click the executable file “.exe” from the folder.
  • Then hit “setup or install” button two times.
  • Your file will automatically run wait until a dialog box prompt then hit “Finish” to successfully end the process.




  • To start check and find the file that you want to run and install. If it is in zip files, instantly mount it before installing.
  • Execute file by double clicking it.
  • Finally, drag and drop the file to the corresponding folder.




Uninstalling a program is also fast and simple to do. It may also differ depending on the OS of your system but you can certainly achieved it in little clicks even drag and drop option.




  • Hit the “Start button once.
  • Double click the “Control Panel”.
  • Look for “Programs” Click it twice too.
  • Then strike “Programs and Features” two times.
  • Lastly, hit the “Uninstall” button twice to completely remove the program form the list.




  • Simply, double click the folder where the file is saved.
  • Finally, drag the software that you want to remove or uninstall and drop it to trash to complete the process.