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Lightweight Media Player Lightweight Media Player

Media Player Classic is a lightweight media player application that can provide vast scope of tasks. It is little in file size but extreme in functionalities. MPC can satisfy your big cravings from its light approach. This tiny software can surely provide big convenience for all your activities that involves the aid of a media player. MPC has small size of executable file that can surely occupy the extra space from your hard drive memory.

It is easy to run from almost all type of hard ware and other electronic devices. It is also portable and easy to download from various sources and platforms particularly from major Operating System like Windows. It has also a very light and minimal system requirements that even lower version of platforms like Windows XP can surely initiate. It is also run and compiled using the libraries of one of the simplest programming languages, C++.

This software is quick and easy to download because it is distributed as open source software and has free license which makes it available for free download to everyone. If you want an all in one media player solution that can accommodate all your basic and extra demands, then make it light by simply downloading MPC or Media Player Classic.