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MPC or Media Player Classic is once a close source media player that only allows limited users to enjoy its extreme qualities. It is later distributed as free and open source software popularly made for Microsoft Windows users. It is then licensed under GNU General Public Licenses which guarantees and permits all kinds of users from different walks of life the privilege to experience the advanced and exciting features and functionalities of MPC completely for free.

You can now download Media Player Classic anytime without worrying that you might be charged or need to provide proof that you can surely pay for your own copy after you download the software application. Now you can enjoy MPC or Media Player Classic from your favourite browsers at the most understandable version on your own language interpretation because it is also translated in almost thirty 30 major languages around the globe.

Another is that it is an open source media player supported by variety of Operating System such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, SSE2 or Streaming SIMD Extensions 2 and many more platforms. It also has user friendly interface that provides easy, simple guides and steps for fast and free download anytime anywhere.

There are many places to get a Media Player Classic Download and this site will give you a fast and safe download for one of the best media players available for a free download.