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Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic

MPC or Media Player Classic was once a closed source media player program specifically produced for Windows Operating System. In the past, limited users are only allowed to have their copy of this software but eventually it was decided to distribute more copies by making MPC as an open source application.



It is then made more available to a lot of users because it was licensed under free licenses GNU General Public License which guarantees full download of this software application completely free. More copies are made easier to download because of its multi lingual interface which means different versions are translated in many languages worldwide.


Media Player Classic


This media player classic runs smoothly in most Windows Operating System like Windows 7 and 8 and is compatible even to the lower versions such as Windows XP and other platforms including Streaming SIMD Extensions 2 (SSE2) hardware. Another is that it is a light software solution compiled in the libraries of one the most widely used programming language C++ and has minimal system standards too. It has also little file size that even small memory of your hard drive can accommodate it when you download free Media Player Classic.


 Media Player Classic Download

Download Media Player Classic is not just a simple media player but a total multi media player that can serve all your purpose for downloading a media player. It is an audio expert, video player and data and file format converter.


It plays various files from different formats such as from DVD, VCD and SVCD. It also has built-in codec’s and add ons that maximizes all your audio and video performances like MP2, MP4,3GP, DTS, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 (moving pictures and associated audio information), FLV (Flash Video) and FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec).


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It doesn’t simply play files from DVD but can certainly personalized it from cropping specific scenes, to unlimited pause and playback options, place or remove subtitles every time you want and play it in full screen without audio.


In terms of audio quality you have no room to complain using this media player because it simply produces calibre sounds that can surely energize your mood. The playback speed never fails to produce quality audios. Another impact of MPC is that it is supported by one powerful plug-in from Microsoft, DirectShow. DirectShow is a multimedia framework that supports multiple media files and streaming features.


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MPC also assists TV tuners to effectively play quality videos and unlimited playbacks and record programs from Television. Media Player Classic or MPC never fails to provide fun features that you can all experience when you take advantage of your privilege to grab your own full copy for free.



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If you are the type that wants an organized stuff even on your files then go ahead and neatly classify your audios and music folder according to your style and option through a playlist. With MPC, you will definitely not just use it to serve your purpose but at the same time to provide you with lots of convenience and fun. These abundant freebies can be all yours!


You can Download Media Player Classic simply by following the download link on the left hand side of the page. This will ensure that you get a fast and more importantly, safe download of the media player.


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